Wednesday, June 15, 2011

♫♫♫ The Beatles♫♫♫

My main interest in life is The Beatles! The other interests are just gum and TV and I don't think anyone will enjoy reading a blog about chewing gum while watching TV. ANYWAAAAAY.....this is one way of me showing how much I ♥ The Beatles. Some important things that are coming up is Sir James Paul McCartney's  69th birthday!!! By at least Friday, I will have a little Paul McCartney Collage of my favorite photos of him. Some things about ME are that I love love LOVE George Harrison. With all my heart, I love him. Some of my Beatles fanatic pet peeves are when people think they're all dead :( .....I find tha HIGHLY offensive. And also my favorite Beatles songs are You Know What To Do and Think For Yourself and You Like Me Too Much. I doubt I'll get many follower/pageviews but I'm only human. So anywaaaaay.....enjoy♥
                                          -With love,

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