Monday, June 20, 2011

To all you Beatle-People

To all you Beatle- People (if there are any on here):

Is there anybody else besides me who thinks Paul shouldn't marry Nancy Shevell? I think Jane should divorce who ever she's with and be a couple with Paul again (or will they just grumble and fight again?). But I like Jane Asher, actually I want my birthday cake to be made by her (even though my birthday is MONTHS away) and I think Paul is just a sucker for love. I mean, he fell for Heather Mills (heaven only knows what she did with the money she got from him) and we all know how THAT went....I'm just curious if Paul will get divorced again. There isn't a lot of info on Nancy so I don't really now how to label her...if Paul likes her I guess she might be somewhat lovely. Although I did read that Paul described her as a complete opposite from Heather...let's just see how it turns out :P

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