Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Feel Fine...

Actually I'm not feeling fine (well, at least my voice isnt't). After I recently (recently as in 4 o' clock) got a mic for my Wii from my not-so fiendish friend, I sang my heart out on Beatles RockBand for 2 hours. Now my voice hurts and I need a throat losenge badly. My strained voice reminds me of John's slightly strained voice on "And Your Bird Can Sing". He sounded somewhat strained.And it also reminded me of how Ringo and George had once had to get there tonsils out (but not at the same time... that would be disturbing). And in other news, did anybody get McCartney or McCartney II remasters? I didn't :( but I'm trying. If anybody (if there is anybody) willing to tell me the quality difference and the awesomeness, that would be great.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you are so lucky you have that game! I want to buy it and sing my heart like you did! haha ... Cute blog:) You are invited to visit my blog too! soulandeyes.blogspot.com :)