Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things Get A Little "Bitter"...

I hate how people compare Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa to The Beatles. That's a dumb comparison because they are from different eras and we OBVIOUSLY know who's better (cough*THE BEATLES*cough) but just because the music is different from the immortalized Beatles doesn't mean it's bad (well, Justin Bieber is preeeetty bad). I can be a HUGE Beatles fan and still listen to Lady GaGa. And also why whenever I go on YouTube all I see is "Bring John and George back and we'll give you Bieber"..... first of all if John and George is only worth "Justin Bieber" to you then you would probably try to buy a Ferrari with your toilet water. It would take a million Biebers to even get a strand of George's hair so, that's a pretty bad trade. And second of all, we GET it. You guys hate Justin (so do I) but now it's getting boring and very very predictable. So my point has been set, goodbye.

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  1. I completely agree w/ you! Justin Bieber isn't even worth mentioning at all in those YouTube comments. In fact, JB and The Beatles shouldn't even be in the same sentence. (Well, except for that one...)
    Your blog is great and I love your sense of of humor! I saw your blog from a comment in Wordpress so I thought I'd check it out.
    Peace & <3